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Did you know that of all the areas in the workplace, the kitchen is the single most important space to keep clean? Why? Because a dirty kitchen is a legitimate health and safety hazard that can result in nasty bugs or even trips to the hospital.

Anywhere food is prepared should be kept thoroughly clean and free of bacteria and germs. This means more than simply tidying and picking up rubbish, it means disinfecting benchtops, floors, fridge doors and tables and thoroughly washing cups, plates, cutlery and any other dishes.

Food spillages can easily cause injury from slipping if left unattended and old food that has been left either in the fridge or on the bench will accumulate a number of dangerous bacteria over time. This type of uncleanliness makes the whole kitchen unsafe for all workers.

It’s very easy for germs to spread around the workplace kitchen because we touch so many things- from food to door handles, fridges, towels, microwaves, draws and cutlery; therefore, in order to keep your kitchen clean, your hands must also be clean. Managers should place signs in the kitchen to remind employees the importance of washing hands and always have antibacterial soap available.

Managers should also remind employees to dry their hands properly and make sure clean towels, paper towels or hand dryers are always available to staff members,as drying hands is another way to help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Keeping the kitchen and other areas of a shared office or workplace clean will improve your team members morale and motivation. The cleanliness of a space has a direct effect on a person’s mental state of mind so there are many flow-on benefits to keeping your workplace kitchen clean.

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Whether it’s fleas, spiders, ants, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches or even termites; sometimes a pest infestation in the workplace can become so out of hand, you may require a fumigation.

After your office or factory has been fumigated, there are a few things you can do to help prevent them coming back and ensure your workplace is safe from the harsh chemicals sometimes used to treat certain pests.

Firstly, it’s important to ensure you wipe down all hard surfaces after a pest control treatment, as sprays are often used during the process that can leave residual chemicals throughout the building. These chemicals can land in places like the kitchen, breakroom, desks or any other places where food may be prepared or consumed so, you will need to make sure these areas are properly cleaned.

During a spider spray, pest controllers combine their chemicals with water and use a special spray gun on the interior roof. While it’s important not to wipe down the areas that have been directly sprayed (defeating the purpose of the treatment altogether), it’s not uncommon for this water/chemical mix to drip off the roof onto various places throughout the workplace so keep an eye out for that.

One of the best things you can do, post-fumigation, is a full vacuum of the premises. Not only does this collect treatment dust that is commonly used in vents for things like spiders and cockroaches, it helps get rid of any eggs or dead pests left behind. The same goes for steam cleaning the carpet. This is particularly helpful after flea treatments because fleas often live and breed on the carpet, leaving behind eggs that may have survived.

Neat Cleaning can take care of all these post-fumigation cleaning services so, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today!

Relocating your office is a huge task that requires a lot of time and effort. As a business owner, you may not have a whole lot of spare time up your sleeve between running your business and whatever home and family commitments you have on top of that. That’s where we come in!

Neat Cleaning is a team of expert cleaners who specialize in professional, commercial cleaning services throughout the Brisbane and North Brisbane regions.

We differ from other cleaning companies because we have a keen eye for detail which is important, especially when it comes to entry and exit cleans for commercial properties. These types of cleaning services require an extremely high level of standards to ensure that the property looks as good, (if not better) than when you first moved in, for handover to the real estate agent or owner.

Along with being time-consuming and tedious, relocating your office usually means you are going to be dealing with a lot of mess. It’s something that really can’t really be avoided. But with a team of professional cleaners such as the experts at Neat Cleaning, you can leave this massive task to us while you focus on finding and moving into your new office.

You may have been through with your exit clean, but that doesn’t mean the previous owner or tenants of your new office have been.If you’ve found the perfect location for your new office, but discover it’s not quite up to scratch in terms of cleanliness, Neat Cleaning is on hand to help out with your entry clean as well.

For commercial entry and exit cleaning services in Brisbane, contact the friendly team at Neat Cleaning today!


After a period of time your floors can become faded and built up with dirt and grime especially if they are not being cleaned and buffed regularly. Our Vinyl Floor Cleaning & Sealing service will combat even the filthiest of floors and bring them up to a mirror shine. You will have no problem bringing clients back to the office with a freshly sealed vinyl floor.

What we do? Sealing a floor is not as easy as it looks or sounds. It is a list of steps that take quite some time to perfect. This is a very brief overview of what we do.

  1. We first strip back the old layers of sealer and dirt by pouring a solution of stripper and water onto the floor and letting it sit for a few minutes to soften the sealer enough that it is easy to remove.
  2. The floor is then agitated by our small slow speed scrubber which breaks down a majority of the old sealer and dirt. At the same time we detail the edges which is where most of the build-up of dirt sits.
  3. If there are shelves we use a machine called The Shark to get under the shelves in the hard to reach places. It does a fantastic job around the shelf legs.
  4. After this is completed we use our large automatic scrubbing machine which breaks down the last of the sealer and picks up the excess water.
  5. The floor is then rinsed twice to make sure we don’t leave a residue behind which leaves the floor completely clean.
  6. After the floor is dry it is buffed and then swept to get rid of any excess dust.
  7. We then lay 6-8 coats of sealer and up to 10-12 coats in foyers and entranceways and buff it again for a mirror finish.

Some floors needs sealing twice per year while other floors need sealing once per year, depending on the traffic to the area. It is a good idea to get your floors cleaned and buffed on a regular basis as this will prolong the life of the sealer as well as keeping your floors looking great in between stripping and sealing.

What you want to avoid doing is leaving the floor too late. If you leave the floor without sealer you are likely to wear into the actual vinyl instead of wearing into just the sealer. This could become very costly to repair and restore so make sure you have sealer on your vinyl floor at all times.

TIP: If you are using office chairs on your vinyl floor, make sure you use plastic office chair mats as to protect the vinyl floor from wear.

We are always hearing about germs and bacteria, of using soap, sanitiser, and spraying things into the air and onto our possessions to get rid of microscopic germs and bacteria.

No matter how diligent you are there are always places germs are hiding and multiplying. Be sure to add these areas to your cleaning list every day, week, and month to help lessen the germs around your home or office.

Here is a list of the 8 most common areas we think are a haven for bacteria and should be wiped or washed regularly with hospital strength disinfectant.


If you really think about what your hands go through every day and what they touch, I think you might start sanitising them more often.

Even if you were to just look at the 10 minutes leading into lunch where you work - and we can see how many items appear on our list inside of 10 minutes:

You go to the toilet (I won’t mention the toilet seat), you then flush the toilet without washing your hands – just like many people have done before you without washing their hands, you then open the doorknob or latch – just like many people have done before you without washing their hands, you then switch the light off – just like many people have done before you without washing their hands, you then turn the tap on – just like many people have done before you without washing their hands, you then pump the soap – just like many people have done before you without washing your hands and then you wash your hands so they are nice and clean and germ-free, leaving behind you a path of germs and bacteria that seems to be neglected on cleaning day. You then decide to have lunch, you know your hands are clean so you just go into the fridge to get your sandwich but 5 mins before you J. decides to have lunch and unlike you, he doesn’t wash his hands after he goes to the toilet so he’s just left germs all over the fridge handles that you’ve just touched with your clean hands and are now eating your sandwich.

It goes on and on... and if you don’t want to wear gloves all day every day then you just need to be aware these areas should be cleaned more regularly and keep some hand sanitiser where its easily accessible like on your desk, in the kitchen, in the car, in the bathroom, in your handbag...

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