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Four Signs Your Vinyl Floor Needs Stripping & Sealing

The workplace is often a high traffic area with lots of people coming and going. As such, you may begin to notice your vinyl floors no longer look as good as they used to.

Here are four signs to look out for that indicate you may need a professional team to strip and reseal your floors and get them looking good as new again!

  1. Worn out patches

Our shoes can be quite abrasive, especially when dirt and dust are transferred inside and this combination of factors in a high-traffic area can really make a mark on your floors. It almost‘erodes’ them away, creating worn-out patches that indicate your floors are in need of some TLC.

  1. A matte appearance

General wear and tear on vinyl flooring can make what once was a beautiful, shiny surface, look duller and ‘matte’ in appearance. Usually, this is due to the shiny sealant on the surface slowing being worn away. Resealing your floors is a great remedy for this!

  1. Chips, scratches and dents

When vinyl floors are protected by a sealant, it prevents the vinyl below becoming damage however, it does not mean the sealant itself is immune to damage. Over time, (particularly in an office environment), you may notice some minor damage such as chips, scratches, and dents, indicating stripping and resealing is required.

  1. It looks dirty

Sometimes, no matter how much you clean your floors, they just don’t have that clean and shiny look they once did. The good news is that a simple strip and seal job can have them looking good as new in no time!

For professional vinyl floor stripping and sealing in your office or commercial property, get in touch with the experts at Neat Cleaning today.


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