Entry & Exit Cleaning When Relocating an Office

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Entry & Exit Cleaning When Relocating an Office Relocating your office is a huge task that requires a lot of time and effort. As a business owner, you may not have a whole lot of spare time up your sleeve between running your business and whatever home and family commitments you have on top of […]

Cleaning Guidelines for Childcare Centres

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Cleaning Guidelines for Childcare Centres Childcare centres play an important role in fostering a safe and healthy environment for children. It ensures they can learn, play and grow safely. To achieve this, it is a good idea for childcare centres to follow strict cleaning guidelines that ensure the premise is hygienic and free from harmful […]

Why You Should Maintain a Clean Office Workspace

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Keeping a clean and tidy workspace is important, not just for your health but also for your mental wellbeing, motivation, and creativity. The state of your desk or the space you work in should not be underestimated for the way in which it affects you and those around you. A dirty, cluttered and organised desk […]

How Commercial Cleaning Can Help after Your Workplace Has Been Fumigated

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Whether it’s fleas, spiders, ants, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches or even termites; sometimes a pest infestation in the workplace can become so out of hand, you may require a fumigation. After your office or factory has been fumigated, there are a few things you can do to help prevent them coming back and ensure your […]

Four Signs Your Vinyl Floor Needs Stripping & Sealing

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4 Signs Your Need to Strip and Seal Your Vinyl Flooring Workplaces are often high-traffic areas with people coming and going, which often means the floors begin to look dingy as dirt gets into the small grooves and ridges, leaving your lino vinyl floors looking dull and tired. To make the vinyl floors in your […]

Vinyl Floor Looking Dull and Lifeless?


After a period of time your floors can become faded and built up with dirt and grime especially if they are not being cleaned and buffed regularly. Our Vinyl Floor Cleaning & Sealing service will combat even the filthiest of floors and bring them up to a mirror shine. You will have no problem bringing […]

How Neat Cleaning Takes on the Challenge of Industrial Cleaning

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Industrial cleaning jobs are challenging and tedious. They require professional cleaners with the right experience and tools for the job which is why so many businesses in Brisbane choose Neat Cleaning. It’s Dirty Work Industrial cleaning jobs such as factories, workshops, and warehouses often get dirty very quickly. Sometimes, in the space of a single […]

How Neat Cleaning Ensures Your Workplace Safety

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As a commercial cleaning company, we understand the importance of not only ensuring our work isdone thoroughly and professionally but also that we are always maintaining a safe working environment at your premises. Health and Safety is a Priority Commercial cleaners are required by law to ensure they are complying with health and safety regulations whilst […]

How a Clean Office Can Improve Staff Morale

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If you want your employees to feel motivated, clear and happy when they come to work each day, consider having regular commercial office cleaning for your office. A clean and hygienic office environment is important for your team members to the state of mind and morale. Reduce Employee Turnover If your staff are happy when they come […]

How a Clean Office Can Improve Your Businesses Image

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You may think that keeping a clean office is something you should do, simply for the sake of your employees, but in actual fact, having a clean and tidy workplace can impact on your business as a whole. Improve Your Business Image In business, first impressions count. So, it’s important to ask yourself what sort […]