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As a commercial cleaning company, we understand the importance of not only ensuring our work isdone thoroughly and professionally but also that we are always maintaining a safe working environment at your premises.

Health and Safety is a Priority

Commercial cleaners are required by law to ensure they are complying with health and safety regulations whilst undertaking their work. At Neat Cleaning, that is one of our main priorities and this goes for our clients, their employees, and our own team.

Cleaning and Hazard Prevention

Good commercial cleaning should make a workplace safer. One of the biggest OH&S benefits of hiring a professional cleaner is that there is always a focus on hazard prevention. Whether it’s cleaning up spills that could cause someone to slip, tidying cords that are a potential tripping hazard or just making the space tidy so that employees can move around more freely, we always aim to make your premises safe.

Reduce Allergies and the Spread of Illness

Professional cleaning is one of the best things you can do to reduce allergies and the spread of illness in the office for example. Regular dusting and vacuuming is a great way to prevent asthma and hay fever, and regular cleaning of communal areas, disinfecting and wiping down surfaces will help stop the spread of illness. Regular commercial cleaning is an investment and can actually save you money by reducing employee sick days!

Looking for a Professional Commercial Cleaner in Brisbane?

At Neat Cleaning, we pride ourselves on keeping your workplace or office clean, hygienic and safe at all times. As such, we have gained a fantastic reputation for our commercial cleaning services in Brisbane. Whether you have an office, factory, medical or childcare facility, rest assured Neat Cleaning can help. Contact us today for more information.

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