Hygiene Issues That Can Arise in an Office Environment


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When sharing an office environment, hygiene and cleanliness should always be a top priority. If your workplace is dirty or germy, a range of hygiene issues can arise that can have major effects on your entire business.

  1. Bathrooms & Toilets

When it comes to your office bathrooms and toilets, keeping on top of regular cleaning is a must! These areas can be a breeding ground for all types of nasty bacteria which can be detrimental to the health of your entire office.All surfaces such as toilets, sinks, door handles, light switches and taps should be wiped down daily and thoroughly disinfected.

  1. Kitchen & Lunchroom

Commercial businesses are required by law to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for all their employees and the kitchen and lunchroom is an area that should be a focus. Food and liquid spills can attract unwanted pests and create a breeding ground for germs that can be hazardous to your team members. Regular commercial cleaning is a great way to ensure these spaces are properly maintained. 

  1. Desks

We often pick up all types of bacteria in our daily life without even realizing it. Whether from door handles, railings or just from being out in public places, and we then unknowingly transfer these germs to our own spaces, including our office desks. To keep your desks clean and germ-free, consider regular commercial cleaning to ensure these spaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

  1. Floors

Office floors are a high-traffic area that can become dirty quite quickly. Dirty floors not only look unappealing for your business, they can also become a become an OH&S issue. Crumbs, dirt, food other spillages can create a slipping hazard and attract unwanted bacteria.

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