The Importance of a Clean Workplace Kitchen


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Did you know that of all the areas in the workplace, the kitchen is the single most important space to keep clean? Why? Because a dirty kitchen is a legitimate health and safety hazard that can result in nasty bugs or even trips to the hospital.

Anywhere food is prepared should be kept thoroughly clean and free of bacteria and germs. This means more than simply tidying and picking up rubbish, it means disinfecting benchtops, floors, fridge doors and tables and thoroughly washing cups, plates, cutlery and any other dishes.

Food spillages can easily cause injury from slipping if left unattended and old food that has been left either in the fridge or on the bench will accumulate a number of dangerous bacteria over time. This type of uncleanliness makes the whole kitchen unsafe for all workers.

It’s very easy for germs to spread around the workplace kitchen because we touch so many things- from food to door handles, fridges, towels, microwaves, draws and cutlery; therefore, in order to keep your kitchen clean, your hands must also be clean. Managers should place signs in the kitchen to remind employees the importance of washing hands and always have antibacterial soap available.

Managers should also remind employees to dry their hands properly and make sure clean towels, paper towels or hand dryers are always available to staff members,as drying hands is another way to help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Keeping the kitchen and other areas of a shared office or workplace clean will improve your team members morale and motivation. The cleanliness of a space has a direct effect on a person’s mental state of mind so there are many flow-on benefits to keeping your workplace kitchen clean.

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